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Food is a general term, in reality it is “Chemical Information” for the body and each molecule of food has the potential to be a building block and directly interact with DNA" ... it is the User's responsibility to provide the correct information - 70 Going On 100?

Building Blocks - both animal and plant proteins are made up of about 20 common amino acids. Amino acids are found in animal sources such as meats, milk, fish, and eggs. They are also found in plant sources such as soy, beans, legumes, nut butters, and some grains (such as wheat germ and quinoa). Thus far, more than 300 (three hundred kinds) of amino acids have been discovered in nature. However, only 20 (twenty) of them are usually found as compounds of human peptides and proteins. (RDA,1,2,3,4)

As it now turns out Saturated Fatty Acids (SFAs) are good, in fact essential. They help reduce insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, (5). Present findings support adverse metabolic effects of refined carbohydrates and sugars and could also implicate other diseases, when there is a lack of SFAs. (6) The war on SFAs and Cholesterol is over and the evidence is being reviewed and conclusions reversed. (7,8,8a,9,9a) Cholesterol is a health-promoting substance. Ref: ... Cholesterol - Your Life Depends on It.


Leberknödelsuppe - Liver Dumpling soup:

- by Catriona Walsh - Belfast, UK

Leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup) made with cauliflower rice instead of breadcrumbs. Very tasty. What else would you be doing during a storm when you aren't sure if the electricity will cut out or not?


  1. To make a great big batch of trotters goodness boil up a couple of trotters in a large stock pot for 10 minutes, then discard that water with the scum and give them a rinse. While the trotters are boiling prepare the aromatics - use 1 or 2 carrots, onions, a leek, a stick or 2 of celery, lots of garlic cloves (about 1/2 a head), a few slices of ginger, some seaweed, and if there's any old mushroom lying around I'll probably fire those in. Chop the vegetables into a few pieces to help them fit in the slow cooker or pressure cooker. Throw the trotters and vegetables along with whatever chicken parts you want to use into the cooker, along with bouquet garni herbs, like parsley stalks, a few sprigs of thyme, 1 or 2 bay leaves, a sprig of rosemary, throw in a few pepper corns and 4 cloves, add a dash of fish sauce, a dash of apple cider vinegar and a can or bottle of apple or pear cider (alternatively you could use white wine). Fill with water.
  2. If using pressure cooker, cook on high for about 80-90 minutes. If using a slow cooker, cook on low for about 12-16 hours. It would probably be 2-3 hours on a stove top, but I've never cooked it on the stove.
  3. When cooked discard the vegetables. If you used chicken wings you can reserve these to make something with later, but the tiny bones are very annoying as the wings just fall apart and it's easy to end up with the tiny fine bones in your dinner.
  4. Take out the trotters one at a time and place in a large bowl or deep dish. Poke out all the little bones and discard them. You can probably get some marrow out of the larger bones. You can tear the trotters into little pieces or grind them up into mince.
  5. Strain the trotter stock to use as the basis of the most gelatinous stock you could make.

Tracking Tool:

Salad - Ketogenic Analysis, Track Your Way to Better Health.
Keto dataSalad, 284g/10oz3.0g protein6.6g net carbs5.6g fiber0.7g fatsVitamins - loaded, ex: Vit K 200% DRI
Ratio % 12%
w/1oz - butter, 80% BF
w/1oz - Coconut Oil / Ghee
  1. Add 1 oz butter - 0.3g protein, 0.1g carbs, 23.2 fat
  2. Ratio w/butter - Protein : Carbs : Fats → 12% : 19% : 69%
  3. - Track Your Way to Better Health With This Tool.






  1. Cooked vegetables tend to have a higher soluble fiber content, since cooking processes force cells within the vegetable to hold on to more water, expanding cell size. A 3.5-ounce portion of cooked green beans has a total of 4.3 grams of fiber - about one-third of the fiber content, or 1.4 grams, is soluble fiber. Broccoli is especially rich in soluble fiber. For the same serving size of steamed broccoli, you'll get a combined 4.6 grams of fiber - nearly 40 percent, or 1.8 grams, comes from soluble fiber. Carrots are also about 40 percent soluble fiber. A 3.5-ounce side of cooked carrots has 1.5 grams of soluble fiber and 3.8 grams of total fiber. Ref: ... Raw vs. Cooked Vegetables | contributor May/2016. Dr. Axe has a list of 20 Ultimate High-Fiber Foods which are easy to incorporate into any diet.
  2. Phytonutrients or Phytochemicals. "Phyto" refers to the Greek word for plant. These chemicals help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats. Fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients. Other plant-based foods also contain phytonutrients, such as: Whole grains. (2,2a,3)
  3. Denaturing a protein is the Unravelling of the long chain protein structure, which then causes the protein-enzyme to be inert. The Good part is that this unraveling allow proteins to be more readily available, i.e. The Soft Diet - How Cooking Made Us Human - Dr. Richard Wrangham | february/13. The Bad part is that Enzymes can be rendered inert. This is the reason that it is recommended very light steaming and eating 50% of your vegetables Raw.
  4. Denatured Protein is not a disadvantage, cooking is shown to increase digestibility by 51%. Dr. Wrangham's research, for example, showed cooked scrambled eggs, egg protein digestibility went from 50% to 91%. Cooking benefits the digestibility of animal proteins. The science behind this is similar to the actions of acids in the stomach. Denatured proteins are more accessible as substrates for proteolysis than are native proteins. The primary proteolytic enzyme of the stomach is pepsin, a nonspecific protease that, remarkably, is maximally active at pH 2. (30)
  5. Phytochemistry is in the strict sense of the word the study of phytochemicals. Wikipedia: Phytochemistry, Pharmacognosy: Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
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Dr. Tan is introducing Veterans with advanced cancer to a ketogenic LCHF - (high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate) diet. This eating plan starves cancer cells while still meeting a patient's nutritional needs.

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