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There is no amount of Medicine by Chemistry or Supplementation - That will cure a Bad Diet" ...70GoingOn100.

Exploring how to live to 100

is that aging is malleable, and diet has a large influence on this process. Today, the average person will live 30,000 days, and for many the last 5,000 days will be in poor health. The goal is to explore plausible plans to improve this longevity outlook. (1)

The health of individuals, particularly in the USA, is increasingly being defined by complexity and multi-morbidity, i.e. - the co-occurrence of two or more chronic medical conditions. (1a)

Longevity is in Jeopardy! For the first time in two decades, life expectancy has declined in the U.S. Our love affair with Refined Carbohydrates is the culprit and the results of our SAD are outlined - Carbohydrate Intolerance - What does this mean? | contributor feb/2017. (1b,c,d) (Note 1,2)

means increasing maximum lifespan and healthspan by using our sciences with diet, healthy living, and exercise as the foundation, with the goal of becoming Centenarians. Live to 100 or Beyond is the target goal with 1 day in a moribund state. This point of view is held by Dr. Vince Giuliano - AgingSciences. (1e)

The two leading causes of Death in the USA are Heart Disease and Cancer, Both of these are Preventable. Current research clearly shows that 80% of heart disease is preventable by diet. Cancer prevention is highly debated, but there are doctors Curing cancer with diet. (A,B,C,D) A good discussion and our understanding of these mechanisms is presented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Mercola and Dr. Rhonda Patrick | january/16. (V1)

Dr. Sanja Gupta once wrote ... "Cancer Patients Poorly Served by Online Nutrition Info ... when it comes to directing cancer patients to solid nutritional recommendations online, physicians are likely to find themselves at a loss ... A review of the websites of 21 National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) institutions revealed that only four (19%) provided nutritional guidelines ..."
by Charlene Laino. Note: Article has since disapeared ...

While we're certainly born with genes that help determine everything from our height to our eye color to our risk of heart disease, we're making a mistake if we assume we can't influence those genes, especially when it comes to aging and longevity.

The new sciences of Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics - contributor July/2016 is rapidly uncovering biological processes that control how and why we age the way we do. How to Personalize Your Nutrition Based On Genetics | Dr. Rhonda Patrick, March/2015 (2) gives a brief tutorial on how to be proactive. Dr. Rhonda Patrick can be found at Found My Fitness. and ... Dr. Rhonda Patrick Explains The Cause Of Heart Disease | August/2015. (3)

Liz Parrish - CEO of BioViva USA Inc (5,5a) is committed to building gene therapies to eradicate disease and extend healthy life. Transcending the Aging Paradigm | Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva USA, May/2015 (6)

The human body is not a single being, but a vast and beautiful community; a living republic of cells and bacteria, all working in harmony towards the continued survival of the being we call you. Aging, health, and longevity are all dependant on the accurate and effective communication between the different parts of the body ... to function as a whole." ... the Dr. Rosedale Program (7).
Ref: Dr. Fettke, , Dr. Champ, . Dr. Sinclair, . Dr. Seyfried, . Dr. Noakes, .


Longevity is not really about preventing disease. The real goal isn't to avoid inevitable illness or breakdown, but to identify and recover from them faster and better. The University of California Television (UCTV) has many good videos, and Living for Longevity: The Nutrition Connection - Research on Aging | by Vicky Newman, MS, RS, april/13 is a well-rounded presentation on diet for any age. On this site our aim is toward ... the Centenarian Diet which is a sorting of current knowledge and designed for longevity.

Suzanne Somers is proactive at being her Own Doctor and challenges the medical community on bad diagnostics and use of modern chemical cures. She wrote Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging and discusses Anti-Aging on Everyday Health ... Suzanne Somers On Her Anti-Aging 'Bombshell' | September/2013.

Exploring aging and mechanisms to live to 100

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Aging is the single biggest risk factor of human disease (8), consequently, understanding the human genome and applying genomics will change the way medicine is practiced.

It's not just a long life we are striving for, but one which is worth living, is the current thinking among the genomic reserchers. i.e. Human Longevity, Inc. | DR. J. CRAIG VENTER - genomic-based medicine.


Aging is a process and there are 2 "Theories of how we Age" for consideration. Extrinsic determinants - aging results from damage to cells and tissues from harmful environmental factors. Intrinsic determinants - Aging is a genetic program. Modern science is now trying to answer these theories.

The second theory has been discredited, so that leaves extrinsic determinants and the rise of Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics. Dr. Sinclair discovered Sirtuins which are genes that turn on enzymes and repair stress damage. What Can We Do About Aging? | Dr. Sinclair, Jan/2015 . (9) and Dr. Patrick puts it in a nutshell ... How Diet & Lifestyle Influence Aging & Brain Function | UCSF Healthy Heart Talk, february/2015 (10)

Exploring how to live to 100

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Research and Opinions: Aubrey de Grey: A roadmap to end aging - TED, 3 million++ views and SENS, argues that aging is merely a disease.

Harvard's Longwood Video Seminar Series, example: The New Old Age: How the body ages and how to keep it young - Longwood Seminar | Dr. Wagers, Dr. Inouye, Dr. Yankner. April/2016, and from Stanford, Regulation of Aging | Professor Anne Brunet. Oct/15 In addition, Harvard maintains a website for nutrition called Nutrition Source, but unfortunately it still is filled with many old dogmas.

Astute members of the population are involved in "Prevention" and as the graph indicates we can and are improving our Health-span and Life-span. Reaching the theoretical "Intervention" line on the graph is the New Frontier.

Dr. Vince Giuliano has a web site Aging Sciences - Anti-Aging Firewalls and points out the body's own activation of Nrf2, a transcription factor, which turns on over 240 genes as our body's own anti-inflammatory response. Dr. Giuliano videos - The Science and Technology of Longevity | June/2016

The 3.8 billion-year-old ribosome core still exists in all living things.
The 3.8 billion-year-old ribosome core still exists in all living things: 3.8 billion-year-old molecule reveals clues about how life on Earth began.

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of cell development has created hundreds of gene encoded Nutrient Sensing and Repair Pathways. Our cells turn on genes for growth, maintenance, and repair 100 million times per second. Dr. Bonnie Bassler has shown us the new frontier of Quorum Sensing - How Cell Communicate and its implications on the Human Organism.

Life depends on molecular messaging. Cells and organisms, simple ones like c-elegans and complicated ones like humans, are constantly exchanging internal molecular messages. The very earliest life had no proteins. By studying protein-free regions of the ribosome, scientists are able to trace the very oldest chemical processes.

Professor Loren Williams of the Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and his team led the research into the first assemblies of molecules, known as the ribosome, that led to the beginning of life. Today the ribosome converts genetic information, from RNA, into proteins in living cells and this Engine of Life is still running today.

Not Bad - for a 3.8 billion year old Metabolic Pathway ⇒ So Don't Screw It Up!


Life Span vs. Health Span do you know the difference? The term "Healthspan" emphasizes the goal of a healthy and longer life. The term "Lifespan" does not explicitly include the quality of life and has sometimes been misinterpreted to imply that our lifespan is primary to extend life without paying attention to preserving the quality of life.

Aging is a common risk factor for many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and heart disease. Rather than treating each disease separately, the most practical approach is to delay aging altogether. Diet is the best choice, and Dr. Nir Barzilai has a humorous talk on centenarians ... How to die young at a very old age | Nir Barzilai | TEDxGramercy | september/2014

Most recently, fasting and sleep have come to the forefront of research. The mechanisms of sleep/fasting are similar as they provide the body time to repair and regenerate. Dr. Longo and Dr. Panda promote FMD, Fasting Mimicking Diet, and TRF, Time Restricted Feeding for improving health span and life span. (14,14a) Intermittent (IF) fasting affects the processes of inflammation (15), diabetes and cardiovascular disease (16), and triggers stem cell regeneration. and Apoptosis (17,a,b,c,d,-17e)

Exploring how to live to 100

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When you are asleep, you are fasting, and current thinking is to quit eating 3 hours before sleep, and contrary to popular belief, do not worry about eating when you wake up. Research shows that a dietary rest time of 12 hours is good for the metabolism. but, 15 hours promotes endurance. (18)

Optimize living past 100 years - We need to give the body maximum time to allow our multiple systems to regenerate and reset back to a more youthful state. Ref: Fasting - the Normal State for Humans. and from contributors Circadian Rythm, our Metabolic Clock | contributor August/2016.



The Centenarian Diet | Lifespan and Healthspan

Dr. Bruce Ames (20) and Dr. Rhonda Patick (2,30) discuss the nutritional adaptation of humans. The Triage Theory, Longevity Vitamins & Micronutrients | Dr. Ames and Dr. Patrick, february/2015 , (20,31) in which he proposes that the body has developed a rationing response to shortages of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) throughout evolution. When cells run out of a vitamin or mineral, that scarce micronutrient is allotted to proteins (in the body) essential for short-term survival. Proteins needed for long-term health, including those that protect DNA, lose out and become disabled and lead to diseases of aging ... Vitamin & Mineral Inadequacy Accelerates Aging-associated Disease | Dr. Ames, may/2015 , (20,21)


  1. Most of the world's population has inadequate intake of one or more micronutrients.
  2. Triage theory posits as a result of recurrent shortages of micronutrients during evolution, natural selection developed a metabolic rebalancing response to shortage.
  3. The rebalancing favors micronutrient-dependent protein needed for short term survival while those only required for long-term health are starved.
  4. This impairment results in insidious damage (e.g. increased DNA damage) that, over time, leads to the acceleration of age-associated diseases (e.g. increased cancer).

A good example of Dr. Ames' Triage Theory is demonstrated when calcium is released from the bones into the blood stream as a short-term survival response to reduce the metabolic over-acidity caused by high protein intake. This "short term" emergency measure taken by the body, often results in the long-term consequences of osteoporosis. Practitioners who use nutritional approaches have long recognized this consequence of a high protein diet. (22) This type of cellular metabolism, has also been shown for Vitamin K-dependent (VKD) proteins and blood clotting (coagulation). (23) Ref: ... the Centenarian Diet and Vitamins and Vitamin K.

In addition, Dr. Ames discusses how RDAs (31) are chosen and what he calls "longevity vitamins". Longevity vitamins he calls a class of nutrients that exist mostly to prevent degenerative diseases of aging in addition to the essential vitamins and minerals we are familiar with. These are just now being identified.

From Stanford, Dr.'s Thomas Rando and Anne Brunet provide a general overview on the process and potential prevention of aging ... Regulation of Aging | Professor Anne Brunet. Oct/15. (32) Dr. Anne Brunet, professor of genetics at Stanford University, is interested in understanding aging based on the integration of model organisms with diverse lifespans.

Our modern society created a Nutritional Disease; therefore, we need a Nutritional Solution. With modern availability of foods, we just need to select high nutrient foods and avoid the obvious foods lacking in nutrition, to stay on this longevity path, Our body's built in survival mechanism will stay in the background. There is no need to trigger the Triage Theory mechanism within our cells if we maintain a constant flow of micronutrients and a balance of macronutrients. The Centenarian Diet is based on this premises. This site investigates and reflects this view.

    Diet Outline: More ...


Other Diets - Incorrect and Biased | the Keys Legacy

Mathieu Lalonde, Ph.D, presenting at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12). Nutrient Density: Sticking to the Essentials | DR. Mathieu Lalonde, February/2013 (33) Dr. Lalonde presents data analysis on all popular diets, and shows the Biases introduced by authors of popular diets. ANDI scores by Dr. Fuhrman - Highly biased Thumbs Down Review, (34), Limit Cholesterol in diet - debunked, Nuval - Biased (Board of Directors filled with Vegetarians), Egg Yolks - Eat, that is where all the nutrients are, Animal fats are Much More nutritious than Plant oils ... and so on ...

Dr. Lalonde is a scientist and uses Math and USDA data to presents a Nutrient Dense Formula without biases and data left out. This tendancy seems to be what the popular diets tend to do to promote their own agenda. (33)

"The available data suggests that a diet centered on meat, vegetables fruits, nuts and seeds is very nutrient dense and can easily provide all essential nutrients in adequate quantities."

"The notion that grains and legumes are nutrient dense likely originates from a lack of segregation between raw grains and legumes, which are inedible, and cooked grains and legumes."

"Animal foods are highly ranked even though raw and cooked meat were not segregated. Essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, Vit B's, some essential minerals, and bioavailability were not taken into account."


Curing the disease of "Aging"

Aubrey de Grey - sens research foundation , and it is a Metabolic disease. Currently there is no real medicine that postpones or slows down this metabolic aging disease. Aubrey de Grey discusses aging and the outlook of curing this disease of aging ... Aubrey de Grey - Immortality Within Our Reach | January/2015.

According to Aubrey de Grey the gerontology approach is massively complex. Audrey thinks of aging in the terms of "Repair and Maintenance" as that approach really works and he discusses this in a talk at google ... Aubrey de Grey: "Ending Aging" | Talks at Google | April/2014 and the short form ... Seeking immortality: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxSalford | March/2014

How do you do the Maintenance and Repair - i.e. Damage Control? Gerontologists has been discussing the primary dysfunctions of the human body for the last 40 years, which are Cell loss - cell atrophy, Mitochondrial mutations, and Extracellular junk. Aubrey says the human body is a machine Much like a Car, and once we understand the metabolic pathways and their functions, we will be able to make repairs. Metabolism causes damage → Damage causes → Pathology, i.e. the human body is a machine, understanding the machine and we can restore the function.



Ok - Now What?

which ever path you are on, you cannot get to the future if you are sick. Nutrition is Important, if you want to get to the future to benefit from these new technologies you need to optimize your nutrition now - OMG - You cannot get to the future Sick.

We have discussed Metabolism and many Damage Control Pathways on this site 70GoingOn100. We want to work on our Health and Nutrition and Health Span will take care of itself, a healthy lifespan.

    The "How" of Preventative Maintenance - the 4 "R's"

  1. Replace - when cells atrophy, we need to insure that the stem cell replacement and cell division mechanisms are funtional, this is an area of extensive research.
  2. Remove - the body's Nutrition Immunity system | contributor, Jan/2017 is an important function of the immune system response that actively kills pathogens, turns on Suicide Genes, rebuilds Telomerase/ALT gene deletion plus stem cell reseeding. Eliminating Death-resistant cells, such as cancers. Clean up junk, such as cardiovascular plaque.
  3. Repair - stiffening of arteries and chemical matrixes that are at damaging. Even "Teeth" as it turns out can be repaired by our own stem cells.
  4. Reinforce - this can be as simple as nutrition but with the SAD at work, we see that this is not simple. Making our cells "Robust" is our aim. Division-obsessed cells like cancers need to be stopped, mitochondrial mutations found and sent to repair.

are the primary effort of every living animal on this planet. Even plants must seek nutrition and fertile soils with a living microbiome - soil health, to thrive. Humans are no different, as we sometimes forget why we eat. We carry our own microbiome - guts and are seeking Energy for survival, and Nutrition for growth and disease control. Supplying the body with proper nutrition is our reason for eating. ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, april/16. ... Dr. Jeanne Sept - What's Cooking? The Meat and Potatoes of Human Evolution | july/2013. (40) Dr. Richard Wrangham - ... Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human | february/13. (41) The rise of Omega 6 fats, and where did the Omega 3's go from our food sources ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, may/2016

is where we stand. OMG - We cannot get to the future Sick; therefore, if we apply the Dr. Ames' - Triage Theory and aim high ...

The following actions must be considered:

Simple solution, avoid carbohydrates as they offer no known nutritional benefits. Carbohydrates are however packaged in food source organisms that do provide Longevity Vitamins, Our foods provide Phytonutrients, macronutrients, micronutrients (for critical DNA repair) (R1), Polyphenols, Phytosterols, Flavonoids, Lignans, Antioxidants, and Carotenoids, that do allow life to continue. Ref: 100 richest dietary sources of polyphenols. (Resource 1,2,3)

Certainly avoid processed carbohydrates, fats and oils, and packaged processed foods. A direct result of too many carbohydrates is Insulin Resistance functional manifested as Carbohydrate Intolerance. Dr. Volek discusses his current views on the benefits of a LCHF plan - Health-Promoting Effects of a Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle | july/2016 and this site follows this type of plan with the addition of Dr. Ames' "Triage Theory", hence, ... the Centenarian Diet.

New evidence pushes our modernization of diet and tools back to 1.5 million years ago. Our diet changed to high nutrient energy dense meat, making and controlling fire and cooking on formed clay plates go back 1.2 million years. Plant foods became less important and the shrinkage of our intestines shows this and we no longer need long digestive tracts. A freelance youTube video summarizes ... New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries | May/2013.

What path are You On?




  1. The latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) show life expectancy for both men and women in the U.S. dropped between 2014 and 2015, from 76.5 years in 2014 to 76.3 in 2015 for men, and from 81.3 to 81.2 for women. (40)
    1. Dr. Peter Muennig, a professor of health policy and management at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, this decline in life expectancy is a "uniquely American phenomenon." No other developed countries experienced this decline.
    2. Dr. Jiaquan Xu, the report's lead author, noted that the decline in life expectancy is primarily caused by a rise in several categories of preventable deaths, again highlighting the failure of the American health care system to properly address the root causes of chronic disease.(41)

      “What’s really significant is that these things are happening more to people of younger ages,” Xu added. Earlier deaths have a much starker effect on life expectancy estimates.

    3. The numbers reflect a culmination of problems: eight of the top 10 causes of death showed an increase in death rates, including those from heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. Deaths from Alzheimer’s rose 15.7 percent, ... aka Diabetes of the Brain, i.e. - the co-occurrence of two or more chronic medical conditions. (1a)
  2. The role of diet in health has become increasingly relevant and investigated. In the past 40 years, the number of PubMed articles indexing diet has increased by at least 700%. While much of the focus has been on macro- and micronutrients, gastronomical aspects have also been investigated. Going back for centuries, peppers and spices have been thought to be beneficial in the treatment of diseases, but only one other study, conducted in China and published in 2015, has previously examined chili pepper consumption and its association with mortality. These new studies corroborate an earlier study's findings. (42,43)


Fighting cancer and living to 100
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System
Curbing Cancer's Sweet Tooth

Dr. Tan is introducing Veterans with advanced cancer to a ketogenic LCHF - (high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate) diet. This eating plan starves cancer cells while still meeting a patient's nutritional needs.

Take Action
Enhancing hero-worthy care for
Our Nation's Veterans.

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