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Half of what we know is wrong, the purpose of science is to determine which half " ... Arthur Kornberg, Nobel Laureate - DNA, "The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1959"

Mediocrity only excels at one field, and that is protecting its own interests " ... Dr. Dale Bredesen, 2017, "The End of Alzheimer's"


, tell us your life's experiences? Would you like to contribute those experiences to our site and share with others? Then this might be your "Forum". We are always looking to add to our contributors, bringing in their fresh stories, life's experiences, happy times, great nutritious recipes, world travels and pictures. True Stories: fashion tips, love stories, family recipes, and life. Add to our community.

Who are we looking for:

  • Funny, honest, smart, creative people with strong writing and grammar skills and the ability to tell their story.
  • Artists, illustrators and DIY Guru's who want to share their work with our community.

Let's share:

  • Email us at with ideas you have for specific articles and a brief description of what you would like to contribute. i.e. "Hot Spots in Key West", "What I learned from the Grand Kids" or "Stories about personal living and aging"
  • If you have an article on life's experiences, go ahead and send it! We'd love to read it, and review it for a good fit in the community forum.
  • If you have writing samples, or are a blogger already, send pictures and links.
  • We require real names: they help us maintain a transparent forum. We reserve the right to delete comments made under aliases.
  • We want to talk about ideas, not the people behind them.

Half of what we know is wrong, the purpose of science is to determine which half " ... Arthur Kornberg, Nobel Laureate - DNA, "The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1959"

There is no amount of Medicine by Chemistry or Supplementation - That will cure a Bad Diet ... Who Knew - 70GoingOn100.

What are Contributions

We are especially interested in personal essays and cultural observations with unique and diverse points of view, smart articles with original reporting, and illustrations. We want stories that you have lived and are passionate to express. What are you obsessed with, at our age politics is always good, the Olympics we have been to or are going to, the greatest travel destinations. These articles will display your picture, your facebook link and any other social links.

Your Life's essays that highlight creativity, retired activities, exercise routines that work, lessons for the kids, friendships, relationships that lasted a live time, and "Goals" still to be achieved. We will post stories that make everyone feel like we're all in this together, essays on people and events that you have lived or are living. News event connected with you personally and you want to be a "Reporter".

This is not a forum for negative people and issues, we all want to continue learning.

  • Don’t attack people and don’t respond to attacks, report them and move on.
  • Keep your posts on topic and constructive.
  • Take responsibility for the quality and the facts of the conversations and information you take part in or provide.
  • Above all, respect others and their opinions.

we are looking for stories on living and health, real learning encounters, real events that you have personnal experienced. Put on your "Reporter" hat ...

About Us

is a positive online community for seniors who are interested in longevity and becoming centenarians. Living to 100 years of age becomes a goal, and sharing and exploring this goal is an issue that matters to those in the golden years. A platform for the energetic, creative, and productive, to share life experiences by contributing your experiences on this site. Founded to explore quality living, healthy and anti aging, longevity and Becoming Centenarians.