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Victory - Gardening

  Real foods - Fresh from the Garden for Longevity ...

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Food from the Garden

It is indisputable that we are negatively affecting our air, soil and water in a way that is drastically impacting the earth itself. Today, we're faced with a new set of problems, birthed from the very innovations and interventions that were meant to provide us with safety and prosperity.

For decades, food production has been all about efficiency and lowering cost. We now see what this approach has brought us skyrocketing disease statistics and a faltering ecosystem.

- During World War II, 40 percent of the produce in the U.S. was grown in people's back yards in so-called "Victory Gardens," and this trend has started taking root once again. If you're unsure of where to start, check the neighborhood, many community gardens are springing up.

Also, 1 cherry tomato plant can give you 20 ripe cherry tomatoes every day, for 3 - 6 months, depending on latitude and sun exposure. Ref: Soil Health - Plant root chemistry and Warfare. Who fertrilized the Redwoods? | contributor april/2016

The Following are Garden Fresh Tips ...

Dr. Mercola shares his Fresh from the Garden Lunch. Dr. Mercola liks to get 85% of his vegetables in the raw form and he is moving towards a Ketogenetic Diet.

Industrialization Versus Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture that makes use of cover crops, no-till and herbivore grazing can help solve many of our most pressing problems, including reducing atmospheric Co2 levels and normalizing weather patterns.

Even if regenerative agriculture cannot completely solve all of our issues, it's still the only way forward, as factory farming makes everything worse. It's important to realize that agriculture has a significant impact on life on Earth.

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Anti Aging nutrition for any Age

are the primary effort of every living animal on this planet. Humans are no different, as we sometimes forget why we eat. We are seeking Energy for survival, and Nutrition for growth and disease control. Supplying the body with proper nutrition is our reason for eating. ... D. S. McGerk | april/16. What's Cooking?: The Meat and Potatoes of Human Evolution ... Dr. Jeanne Sept | july/13. Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human ... Dr. Richard Wrangham | february/13. The rise of Omega 6 fats, and where did the Omega 3's go from our food sources ... D. S. McGerk | may/16

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