Foods is Chemical Information

Food is a general term, in reality it is Chemical Information for the body and each molecule of food has the potential to be a building block, an antagonist, and directly interact with DNA, mitochondrial RNA, and all metabolic pathways."

  1. Ratio of Raw veggies to Cooked veggies ...

    raw veggies for longevity and healthspan

    "Raw vs Cooked Vegetables?" What impact does cooking have on nutrients and gut microbiome?

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  2. Juicing vs. Using whole veggies and fruits ...

    longevity phytonutrients for lifespan

    Not Recommended - your feeding 2 organisms, the gut microbiome is more important than the liver.

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  3. Carbohydrates, is there any reason to eat ...

    carbohydrate as non essential foods

    No! ... There is no known Carbohydrate Dificiency Disease, they are non-essential.

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Most Adopters of a Western Diet burn glucose as their primary fuel, which prevents their body from burning body fat. The SAD (Standard American Diet) is an "Extinction Level Event ..."

Dr. Jocelyn Tan, Keto Oncologist, Meat-Cancer Risk

Becoming Centenarians - living to 100 and beyond

HEADLINES: Eating meat is linked to cancer risk but - "This is a common misconception!" Some people think that in order to go on a low carb Atkins Like diet, one has to eat ...

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Dr. Pamela Peeke, discusses Sugar and Food Addition ...

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Peeke Discusses Sugar and Food Addiction

Addiction = Hyper-Palatables = Sugar = Cocaine = Dopamine and drugs addiction. Refined carbohydrates have the same dulling effects on our brain and senses as drugs ...

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Dr. Pamela Peeke, asks
Are You Fit to Live? ...

Becoming Centenarians - living to 100 and beyond

Take steps to survive, thrive and realize your best life possible. Ask yourself this question, "Am I fit enough to survive the challenges of living in the 21st century?"

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