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  1. Ratio of Raw veggies to Cooked veggies ...

    raw veggies for longevity and healthspan

    "Raw vs Cooked Vegetables?" What impact does cooking have on nutrients and gut microbiome?

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  2. Juicing vs. Using whole veggies and fruits ...

    longevity phytonutrients for lifespan

    Not Recommended - your feeding 2 organisms, the gut microbiome is more important than the liver.

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  3. Carbohydrates, is there any reason to eat ...

    carbohydrate as non essential foods

    No! ... There is no known Carbohydrate Dificiency Disease, they are non-essential.

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Dr. Jocelyn Tan, Keto Oncologist, Meat-Cancer Risk

Becoming Centenarians - living to 100 and beyond

HEADLINES: Eating meat is linked to cancer risk but - "This is a common misconception!" Some people think that in order to go on a low carb Atkins Like diet, one has to eat ...

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Dr. Pamela Peeke, discusses Sugar and Food Addition ...

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Peeke Discusses Sugar and Food Addiction

Addiction = Hyper-Palatables = Sugar = Cocaine = Dopamine and drugs addiction. Refined carbohydrates have the same dulling effects on our brain and senses as drugs ...

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Dr. Pamela Peeke, asks
Are You Fit to Live? ...

Becoming Centenarians - living to 100 and beyond

Take steps to survive, thrive and realize your best life possible. Ask yourself this question, "Am I fit enough to survive the challenges of living in the 21st century?"

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Discover how well you are aging

Dr. Thomas Seyfried,
Cancer a Metabolic Disease

The effects of dietary and nutritional manipulation, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer. Dr. Seyfried - Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

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Travis Christofferson, MS,
Cancer 2.0: Paradigm Shift

A perspective on the metabolic theory of cancer - cancer is precipitated and driven by damage to mitochondria. Author of Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic Theory of Cancer.

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Colin Champ, MD
Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

Take steps to survive, diet, exercise, and lifestyle optimization for cancer treatment and prevention. He is the CaveManDoctor and author of Misguided Medicine.

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